Program Reviews

Quality Matters Program reviews go beyond assessment of individual courses, evaluating entire online programs. QM offers certification in four different areas:

  1. Online Program Design
  2. Online Teaching Support
  3. Online Learner Support
  4. Online Learner Success

The process of qualifying for program certification improves program quality; receiving certification visible demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to quality online teaching and learning.

If you are interested in a program review, talk with the QM Coordinator at your institution/campus to get help determining the right path for you and your program.

QM-Certified Programs

UAF Special Education and Teaching (Program Liaison: Tara Maltby)
Program Design – 2018, Learner Success – 2019 & Teaching Support – 2019

Online Degrees at UAF, Learner Support for All Online Programs – 2018 (Program Liaison: Tim Stickel)

Master’s of Education in Online Innovation and Design, Teaching Support – 2019   (Program Liaison: Kendell Newman Sadiik)

  • July 2019 UAF earns  QM Exemplary Program status for Special Education and Teaching by receiving QM certifications in four program areas within three years.

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